Sometimes, grown people want to look younger by altering the way they dress. However, looking younger doesn’t have to mean looking immature. It’s possible to dress in a more youthful manner while still keeping the grace and sophistication of your age. On the other hand, some people may want an outfit that makes them look older and more mature. Take years off your age or appear more sophisticated than you usually do by making small tweaks to your wardrobe and style.

Walk through the sections of department stores geared at younger consumers to get an idea for what is on the shelves currently. Also, check out clothing stores that are aimed specifically to the younger generation. As an adult, you can either purchase clothing meant for teenagers or you can find an older version of the clothing in a clothing store for adults. For example, if you like the skinny jeans trend, you don’t have to buy a pair coated in rhinestones from a store aimed at teenagers. Instead, you can purchase a pair in a store aimed at an older clientele — you’ll stick with the youthful trend but won’t look like you’re trying to be a teen. Regardless of where you shop, purchase high-quality clothing. This is an effective tip for both younger and older people who want to look the opposite of their age.

Read current fashion magazines to keep up with the trends in fashion for all ages. Take aspects of younger trends and combine them with your current style — doing so will prevent you from looking too young while still staying hip. Peruse high-fashion magazines, such as “Vogue,” and magazines aimed toward the regular consumer, such as “Jane” magazine. Remember, you don’t have to purchase specific pieces, but instead get ideas for ways to create your own outfits at home.

Avoid wearing several trends all together. This will make a young person look even younger and an older person look too young. Pair one piece of trendy clothing with classic cuts to appear sophisticated and mature. On the same note, pair bold colors with neutrals to appear older. Incorporating color into your wardrobe can give you a youthful appearance.

Alter your current wardrobe instead of replacing the articles of clothing that you enjoy wearing. For example, even if mini skirts are in fashion, you don’t have to wear them if you prefer pants. There are plenty of current, modern styles for every type of dresser, from those who prefer sporty outfits to those who love dressing glamorously.