The concept of combat boots dates back to the Roman Empire: footwear designed and worn by military troops. Different types of combat boots have been developed and worn over the years in different countries, but calf-length, black, lace-up, leather boots are the classic image of combat boots, as they were popularized by subcultures like the punks and the goths, who first appropriated combat boots for civilian use. Since then, combat boots have made it into the mainstream culture as a popular fashion accessory, not only among men, but also women. You can purchase combat boots from military surplus stores or buy them from fashion shoe manufacturers.

Things You'll Need

Use combat boots as a point of contrast: combat boots typically have a somewhat hard, masculine look to them, so pair them with a more feminine ensemble for a trendy look. Wear a dress: a short, casual, feminine-looking dress, especially one with ribbons or ruffles, paired with combat boots displays a fun and flirty look. Pair a long dress with combat boots for a comfortable and practical, yet still very fashionable, look.

Wear combat boots as a casual accessory with a pair of jeans. Tuck skinny jeans inside of the boots and wear boot-cut jeans over the boots. Fold the cuffs of your jeans up a couple of times to better show off your boot style in a pair of regular-cut jeans.

Wear combat boots as a winter accessory. Due to their practical military origins, combat boots are ideal shoes for winter wear during inclement weather conditions like rain and snow. Pair combat boots with warm jackets, winter coats, trench coats and sweaters. Complete this look with a chunky scarf, beret hat, aviator hat, Russian hat or gloves.

Play off the military theme and pair your combat boots with military-cut and -inspired jackets, dresses and pants.

Wear combat boots as the finishing touch to a goth-inspired outfit. Opt for an ensemble like a black or dark red dress with black tights and jewelry or a goth band T-shirt, black jeans or pants, fishnet stockings on your arms and red or black jewelry.

Pair combat boots with a punk-inspired outfit, like a leather jacket, tank top, skinny jeans and spiked jewelry.


  • Combat boots are available in different colors and styles as well as lengths – from ankle to knee high length.