Women over 40 often find dressing with style to be easy but adding sex appeal to be more difficult. Self-confidence is the ultimate fashion accessory for women over 40. Choosing clothing to express that confidence is the hard part.

Remember you are a mature woman, not a girl. Choose fashions made for women. Avoid teen and young adult brands. Leave those styles to the kids.

Explore designers and brands you used to consider “too old.” When worn with confidence, quality, well=cut clothing is as sexy as a bare stomach or a short skirt. Purchase clothing cut to emphasize your strong points and hide those figure flaws.

Try on clothes you love and clothes you are not sure of. You never know how things look on compared to how they look on the rack. Take your time when choosing your wardrobe. Bring a friend along for support and spend as long as you need to the right combinations of clothing.

Dress in an appropriate manner for the events you attend. Choose “Mom” outfits for school functions and events with your children. Save the vavoom outfits for adult events. Your children will thank you.

Knock his socks off when you go out on the town. Look for fashion made for the confident woman over 40. Wear a backless gown or skirt slit to your thigh. Paint your toenails and find sexy open-toed shoes to wear. Emphasize the positive, forget the negative and let the vavoom flow.

Save overtly sexy fashion for the beach or the bedroom. Show style and class in your clothing selections. A little goes a long way for the woman over 40.