Practicality beats all when dressing in the hot sun of Panama City, Panama. The city is located in Central America, where it borders the west of Columbia and the east of Costa Rica. Temperatures generally hover around 80 to 90 F, which dictates what type of clothes you should wear when visiting. To cool down, visit the highlands where temperatures are a relatively steady 54 to 60 F.

Wear light clothing. Panama City is very close to the equator and is hot year-round. Skirts and dresses are particularly popular for women.

Dress in bright cotton clothes. Darker colors attract the sun’s heat and you want to be as cool as possible. Cotton is the most comfortable in tropical climates.

Put on a lightly-colored suit and tie for business relations.

Bring a bathing suit. Panama City is along the ocean and there are many opportunities to swim.

Wear sunglasses. The sun is almost always shining.

Carry a light sweater if you visit Chiriqui Province in the highlands. Temperatures there can be much more chilly. This area also requires a lot of walking so bring comfortable shoes.