The day your child graduates from high school is both exciting and nerve-wracking for the both of you. Use these steps to learn how to dress appropriately for your child’s high school graduation.

Wear something in tune with the season. Most high school graduations take place in late spring to early summer, so wear something light, airy and colorful. A dress is the best choice, but a skirt and top or a very nice pair of slacks with a great pair of shoes will suffice.

Choose shoes wisely, depending on whether the ceremony is held indoors or outdoors. Also, consider the weather forecast, as you may need to wear shoes that you will not slip or sink in the mud or turf should you be outside on a lawn or football stadium.

Select jewelry that is discrete, not gaudy. You want to make a good impression and not embarrass your child with some outrageous accessories. Something simple and classy will look great and a piece that was a gift from the graduate will be a special touch.

Wear sunglasses if the ceremony is outside. It is also appropriate for a lady to wear a hat if she pleases.


  • Consider how long you will be standing and if you will be outside.

  • Take a cardigan or light sweater. If you are outside and the weather changes, you will be protected from cold, wind or rain. If you are inside, the A/C is sure to be turned on and set low to ensure it is cool for the crowd.