Being pregnant is an amazing experience for most women, but the way your body changes can be a challenge when it comes to choosing stylish maternity clothes. It can be tricky to work out what maternity dresses to wear that will not only be comfortable but won’t make you look even bigger than you really are. Here are some tips for choosing maternity clothing and dress to flatter a pregnant figure when you’re expecting your bundle of joy.

Accentuate your features above and below your growing belly. An empire-style dress naturally and instantly flatters a pregnant figure by visually separating your belly from your bust. Maternity wear that hangs loose straight from your bust creates a tent-like look that is anything but flattering. An empire line is a flattering choice for maternity wedding dresses.

Team up leggings with loose tops that cover your widest points (tummy and hips) and cut off at a flattering point, like just below the knee. Many pregnant women stock up on leggings because they’re comfy and stretchy. Leggings can look flattering if you have the skinny figure to pull them off, but they can end up showing off every lump and bulge so make sure you’re OK with that.

Purchase trousers with a low cut waist that will sit under your belly, or stretchy jeans that still have a boot cut or wide leg, as these will balance out and flatter your shape. Maternity pants designed with comfortable elastic bands and front panels are another way to keep up with fashion trends while flattering your shape and keeping you comfortable.

Remember, it’s all in the details. Wearing maternity clothes with details at the neck is great for drawing the eye away from larger areas like the hips. Steer clear of polo necks though as they will leave your breasts and tummy undefined, making you look bigger.

Choose the right colors. It’s not just black that can be slimming. Wearing a whole outfit in any one color or tonal range will make you look smaller. Remember that shiny material draws attention to curves, so avoid wearing it on your larger bits.

Go for tunic and figure-hugging sweaters in cold weather, particularly ribbed knit-wear. These flatter the pregnant figure so much more than loose, baggy jumpers and will continue to look good even as your belly grows


  • Shop online. It’s much easier than trekking round the shops with your growing belly and you can use the time you save for a nice relaxing bath.

  • Don’t sweat it. Being pregnant is an experience of a lifetime and you shouldn’t stress too much about the changes your body is going through. You’ll look radiant and beautiful to the people who matter anyway.