Though there are certain appearance-related changes that accompany growing older that you simply can’t avoid, losing your style isn’t something to which you must grow accustomed to. While looking stylish when over 50 may mean something different than it did during your fashion-crazy youthful years, it is still possible to stay the fashion-plate you always were despite the passing of years.

Pay attention to your fitness. For many, aging also means dealing with a slightly expanding waistline. If the passing of years has left you wearing a size or two larger than you once did, don’t attempt to keep squeezing into your older clothing. If you force your body into clothes that you have outgrown, you will only look larger and appear decidedly less attractive than you would were you to buy clothing that fits.

Accessorize to spice it up. As a mature dresser, stock your wardrobe with attention-getting accessories. Purchase an oversized belt that you can pair with your favorite pants or skirts, some sizable necklaces or some attention-getting earrings. With the addition of these accessories, you can make any old outfit look extra special.

Collect cardigans. If the years have taken a toll on the firmness of your upper arms, you don’t necessarily have to give up your favorite sleeveless tops. Instead, buy some cardigans that you can layer over these shirts.

Don’t be afraid of flats. While you may have worn sky-high heals as a youngster, your feet might rebel against these shoes now. If your tired toes need a rest, invest in some ballet flats or similarly comfortable-yet-stylish shoes.

Trade trends for classic styles. As an over-50 dresser, you don’t need to try to keep up with the trends as much as you once did. Instead, buy some classic garments, such as sleek black pants or button up white shirts, that you can mix and match for a classic – and age-appropriate – look.