Women’s professional clothing can be extremely attractive and even sexy when worn correctly. Many women feel that they cannot be sexually appealing and still be taken seriously at work. As long as you are very careful with your manner of dress, speech and behavior, you can pull off this look to your professional advantage. Sexy, tasteful clothing indicates confidence and poise. In this article, we will discuss how to dress sexy in a professional workplace.

Wear severely tailored clothes. The better your clothes fit, the better they will look. A fully buttoned, tailored shirt can indicate your curves just as alluringly as a cleavage-baring one. With this option, nobody will think you are dressed inappropriately.

Pair a bright article of clothing with dark pants and matching shoes. A bright red shirt and red shoes spice up a black suit. Keep the bright colors to a maximum of three pieces. Do not mix in more than one color. If you still feel monochromatic, add a white scarf as an accent to your throat, hair or wrist.

Wear large, chunky jewelry. Since a sexy work wardrobe tends to be a bit severe, soften your look with chunky gold or silver jewelry.

Pull your hair back with a pretty clip. While some women wear their hair down to work, this can be a risky move that causes people to take you less seriously. However, your hair adornment should be pretty rather than just functional.

Stick to sleek, traditional hairstyles. Wear a smooth pony tail rather than a messy bun or other up do. While free-flowing hair may be trendy, it makes you look less put together. In order to be sexy in the workplace without sending the wrong message, you need to emanate a feeling of control over yourself and your surroundings–and that includes your hair!

Wear stockings. Any time your legs are visible, do not leave them bare. Stockings are traditionally considered sexier than bare legs, and many people consider bare legs at work to be inappropriate.


  • Express your own personal style. This will be sexy in the workplace.