Punk-Pop is a cross between skater punk and emo fashion, a mix which is current and stylish. Since the 1970s, punk has been a genre that is out of the mainstream. Started by bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, punk has always been about individuality and self-expression. Punk-Pop adds a contemporary twist to the raw individuality of the original punk look. Dressing Punk-Pop is one way to express your individuality while looking great.

Things You'll Need

Buy your clothes from thrift stores, chain retailers and boutiques. Punk-Pop is all about mixing different styles to create unusual looks. Wear concert t-shirts with a jacket and tie, wear a pair of Dickies with a vest, or wear skinny jeans under a short summer dress.

Cut your hair short and spiky if you are a guy or wear it long and straight if you are a girl.

Dye hair platinum blond or blue-black or keep it natural with a streak of pink or purple.

Pierce your nose, eyebrows and ears multiple times.

Wear lots of silver jewelry; chains, crosses and goth symbols such as dragons or skulls.

Wear tight jeans, loose work pants or shorts. Add a studded leather belt for added effect.

Wear work boots, Doc Martens or high-top gym shoes.

Fade your concert T-shirts by washing in hot water a few times. T-shirts should look old but feature the latest punk-pop groups.