Whether you're looking for a Halloween costume or you want to swap your old style for a more vintage look, dressing like you just came out of a time machine from the 1980s is a great solution. Because many '80s fashions are still mimicked in new pieces, it may not be too difficult to fashion an entire wardrobe from retail clothing stores. If you're looking for a more authentic '80s look, try vintage and thrift stores for leather jackets, '80s-style jeans, and Members Only jackets.

  • Designer jeans
  • Leather jackets
  • Big, colorful accessories
  • Hairspray
  • High-top sneakers

Look at old photos or the Internet for reference. Pop icons of the 1980s such as David Bowie, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper are perfect to use for research. Write down the styles they wore that you feel would look good on you. Take your ideas list with you when you go shopping.

Decide which type of '80s clothes you would like to wear. You can go with punk, pop, rock or a little of everything. Remember that no matter what style you choose that leather jackets, big hair and big accessories were very important in the '80s. Purchase lots of hairspray to get your coif '80s style and you will look authentic.

Scour the selections at retail stores. Some clothing manufacturers still make '80s-style clothing. H&M, Forever 21 or Wet Seal have some '80s-style selections that you can purchase new. Although these styles will be variations on the '80s theme, it's possible to mix and match new pieces with vintage pieces to create an authentic look.

Dig through the racks at vintage and thrift stores. Local thrift, vintage and consignment stores are a great place to hunt for '80s finds. Usually, the pieces will be authentic name brands from the '80s, such as Members Only. Look for colorful scarves, skinny or studded belts and leather accessories to accentuate your wardrobe.

Purchase a pair of high-top sneakers. Nothing says the 1980s more than a pair of colorful high-tops because they are rarely manufactured anymore. True '80s high tops such as Reebok's Classic Pump sneakers or L.A. Lights are a unique blast from the past.

Ask your 40-and-up friends and family if they still have any of their '80s gear. You never know what you might find in the garage or basement. Start digging and see if you can find an '80s treasure.

  • Accessorize your '80s style with scrunchies, a headband and colorful bracelets. Snap bracelets were very popular in the '80s and are still available at drug stores or dollar stores.