Actress Salma Hayek is as picky about her clothes as she is about her roles. Hayek’s style is beautiful and flattering on her curvy body, and is sure to look good on most of her fans.

Things You'll Need

Invest in a stylish yet unique bag. Salma Hayek likes to tote around intricately designed bags, like PPB’s Society Satchel in midnight blackberry. She also likes bags with shine, like YSL’s Patent Leather Downtown Tote.

Embrace old-Hollywood glamor with a stunning gown. Salma Hayek has done this by wearing a gold tank-style Giorgio Armani gown. Add a diamond tiara to give the outfit a more regal look.

Buy a dress you can wear out on the street. Salma’s curves look great in an asymmetrical dress in a dark color like navy. Add a black obi belt for a stunning effect.

Purchase a nice trench coat. Salma Hayek prefers a long, sable coat that she pairs with a big pair of sunglasses. The effect is stunning when she wears her hair down.

Get a pair of elegant earrings. Salma Hayek knows how to accessorize her outfits without overdoing it, and long diamond earrings help her get the right effect. She’s a fan of earrings from Lavive Jewels, but you can get a less expensive set from Emitations.

Put on flowing maternity dresses if you’re expecting. Salma Hayek was seen all over town in rose and black baby doll dresses. Pair them with flat shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

Wear a flattering bathing suit. Salma isn’t big on bikinis, but she does like black suits that show off her curves. If you’re too shy, add a flowing coverup to the look.