A Kate Middleton dress or fashion ensemble often becomes an instant fashion trend today. When Kate Middleton became engaged to Prince William in November 2010, England’s future queen established herself as a budding fashion icon. Middleton once worked in the fashion world as an accessories buyer for the Jigsaw fashion chain and has developed a unique sense of style that befits both her age and position. While Middleton may wear expensive designer labels, you can dress in “Princess Kate” style regardless of your clothes budget.

Choose a form-fitting evening dress in bold colors such as royal blue or red. Middleton often chooses evening dresses in deep blue tones but has also been seen in lighter pinks.

Choose pencil style (straight) printed skirts in plaid or houndstooth prints. Middleton generally wears skirts that hit a couple of inches above the knee. Pair skirts with simple coordinating shirts, covered by a fitted blazer or overcoat. Wear dark stockings and knee-high black boots with skirt ensembles. Middleton is often seen in this style of boots, typically a black suede boot.

Wear dark denim “skinny” jeans that mold to the leg. This is one of Middleton’s favorite downtime looks, according to People Magazine. Middleton often pairs her skinny jeans with lacy or feminine-looking shirts and form-fitting jackets.

Choose simple wrap-style dresses that reveal some skin while remaining ladylike. Middleton sometimes wears wrap dresses that have a deep V-neck and expose the arms and shoulders. She has worn printed wrap dresses featuring polka dots and free-form designs in the past.

Choose accessories that are simple and understated. Kate Middleton has been photographed in many outfits wearing a simple necklace or a long strand of beads or pearls.