The fashion style of Halle Berry is one that is desired by many women. Her look is always sexy and sophisticated, enhancing her womanly curves and femininity. Follow the steps below to mimic Halle Berry’s glamorous style.

Wear feminine blouses, with sexy details like animal prints. The fabrics are usually fine and flowing, and provide the right amount of cling to her perfect body. She likes to show off a bit of cleavage with these kinds of tops, but she never looks trashy or wears them too tight.

Pair casual elements such as jeans, leather pants or skirts with softer more elegant fabrics like chiffon and satin. Halle Berry often retains her classy and refined look while appearing casual.

Wear colors that are soft and sophisticated. Halle chooses colors that are very flattering to her copper-colored skin. She often wears neutral colors, browns, pinks, peaches and black. She always manages to look classy in these colors, on and off the red carpet.

Look very classy at the same time as being sexy for times of dress-up. Halle always looks elegant in long and flowing gowns, in very luxurious and soft fabrics.

Have a stylish haircut. One thing Halle is known for is her ever-changing mane. It has been cropped short and copied by women everywhere. It has been long, curly and straight. Her hair is always as her make-up is, natural and healthy.

Wear the right accessories. For a great Halle look, wear tinted sunglasses. She loves rose-colored. She wears simple and classic jewelry, such as small diamond earrings. Here jewelry is never big, flashy or over-done.

Have a look at what Halle’s favorite designers are offering this season. They include 7 For All Mankind, Tom Ford and Joe’s Jeans.