How to Dress Like a Yuppie. Yuppies are upwardly mobile young urban professionals. The term applies to men and women whose ages range from about 21 to early 40s. Yuppies have a style to their dress that is always matching and usually upscale. They like to flaunt their good taste. Even if the young professionals are in debt to their ears, they work hard to maintain the image of success. Yuppie dress is easy to emulate.

Wear clothes that are considered business casual. These are usually khakis and polo shirts for men and slacks or skirts with two-piece sweater tops for women. Women do have a greater variety available to them, but they must see someone else wearing an outfit before it can be worn by a true yuppie who is a conformist.

Spend money on an expensive watch and make sure that your sleeves are always rolled up enough for people to see it. Other expensive, yet demure jewelry such as pearls or small diamonds are also acceptable for yuppies to wear.

Look for outfits that have a lot of pastel in them. Yuppies do not like to stand out with bold colors. They may end up making an unintentional statement.

Straighten your hair. Men and women should have neat straight hair that doesn't need too much hair product. Men can wear baseball caps and do not get hat hair when they take them off. Women may wear ball caps if their hair is long enough and they can stick a ponytail out the hole in the back.

Carry a sweater with you by draping it over your shoulders and tying the arms loosely around the front. This should look very casual as if you put it there without a lot of though. And the sweater should never fall off or hang crooked.