How to Dress for a Nightclub - Women

By LeafTV Editor

How to Dress for a Nightclub - Women. Slip on a sensational outfit and hit the town.

Dress for a Nightclub - Women

Step 1

Think smoky eyes and lush lashes. Play down lip color if you plan to go heavy on the eyes, or spare the eye shadow if you want to coat your lips in a dark, smashing red.

Step 2

Experiment with shine. Smear on lip gloss, or dust strategic parts such as your collarbone with body glitter.

Step 3

Try clipping small, sparkly barrettes in your hair.

Step 4

Wear touchable fabrics that won't mind sweat: rayon, nylon and polyester blends.

Step 5

Colors should be simple, solid and uninvolved; no frilly patterns. Try clothes with a bit of shimmer or sheen instead.

Step 6

Anticipate getting hot from dancing. Wear a sweater or long-sleeved jacket that can be peeled off to reveal something sexy underneath. Consider a spaghetti-strap top, or maybe something cropped.

Step 7

Leave jeans and khakis at home and opt for dressier pants or skirts in varying degrees of shortness. A short, simple black dress is also nice.