Women are said to dress not for men, but for each other.

Things You'll Need

Fill in your lips with a color darker than what you would use during the day.

Try parting your hair differently, in a zigzag or oblique line, or pulling it back with a hairband crusted with shiny beads.

Layer your tops so you can toss outer layers if it gets warm inside the restaurant or bar. Try a twinset with a sweater and shell.

Keep in mind that a top with a complicated pattern or texture warrants a simple bottom, and vice versa.

Nix light-colored jeans for darker, indigo ones. Tinker with skirt and pant lengths, wearing capri pants or a skirt that cuts just below the knee.

Choose shoes to match. Clunky shoes with thick soles pair well with jeans; try teaming skirts with dainty-heeled mules.

Paint your toenails if you’re wearing open-toed shoes.

Remember accessories. Try gemstone stud earrings if you have short-cropped hair. Wear a simple necklace with a scoop-neck shirt and show off your neck.


  • Pants seem more versatile than skirts, working across a greater spectrum of casual social settings.

  • Check to see what your friends are wearing if you’re concerned about under- or overdressing for the occasion.