How to Dress Demurely. Demure (adjective): Modest and reserved in manner or behavior. Although the definition of demure dress may vary depending on your situation, there are several reasons you may wish to subscribe to this style of fashion. You will appear more professional, create a more demanding presence and also maintain an attractive femininity.

Understand what it is to dress demurely. This does NOT mean you must dress in a boring fashion with a monotone color palette. It DOES mean dressing modestly, but fashionably.

Look for clothes that do not reveal too much skin, such as long pants, full-length skirts, long-sleeved shirts and modest necklines. Short-sleeved tops are also acceptable, as well as dresses and skirts that reach to the knee.

Look for clothes that flatter your figure. In other words, select clothes that are not saggy and baggy, but are also not form-fitting.

Choose softer, flowing fabrics with subtle colors and patterns.

Select shoes that are closed- or peep-toed, with little or no heel.

Accessorize through simple accents, such as soft ornaments (for example, puffy sleeves or frills around the collar and hemline) and simple belts.

Select outfits that make you feel sophisticated and powerful, but still sexy in a subtle way.

Keep hair and makeup light and simple. Go for the “natural beauty” look.

Show off your look!