A first impression really does make all the difference, and nothing helps guarantee a positive first impression more than dressing cool.

Follow the trends. What’s popular in fashion changes all the time, and it’s important to stay on top of the style changes if you want to look your best. Be aware of the changes with each season, new designers that are popular and trends that were once hot that are going out of style. Being caught in last season’s popular clothes will make you look dated and out of touch.

Watch television. One of the best ways to stay current with what’s hot and what’s in style is by paying attention to what the celebrities are wearing. Watch television shows that feature your favorite celebrity icon, entertainment news shows that follow all the aspects of Hollywood and style and pay special attention during award show season as there will be extra attention on fashion trends in clothing, hair and accessories. Know how the celebrities are looking cool and try to find an equivalent that fits your budget — and your body.

Invest in the classics. No matter what the seasonal trends are, there are certain iconic pieces of clothing that never go out of style and always look cool. For men, it’s the dark suit, a nice dress shirt and a well-fitting leather jacket. Every woman needs to have a white dress shirt, a good pair of high heels and, of course, the all-important little black dress. Make sure your wardrobe includes these basic staples, and you will be able to incorporate them into whatever trend is hot at the moment.

Have a signature piece. Even if you follow all the latest trends, it’s always fun to have a signature piece in your wardrobe that you always wear and for which you are known. Jackie Kennedy had her pillbox hats, Bono has his signature shades and Madonna has had a different signature piece for every new album she’s put out. Your signature piece can be an accessory, like a pendant or a favorite pair of shoes that you always wear, or it can be an article of clothing, like a vintage dress or a T-shirt that you bring back every summer. Whatever your favorite is, wear it with confidence, and you will be able to make it cool.

Be yourself. Someone who isn’t afraid to interpret style for themselves and make fashion their own is always going to look cool. So find the latest trends that you like the most and then make them fit your unique style.