It can be great fun dressing up and going out to a fabulous nightclub where an alluring ambiance sets the tone for a perfect night of entertainment. Better still: doing all this while still dressed comfortably. The right mix gets you into the club without paining your feet or your sense of style.

Wear fabrics that move with your body. Chiffon, silk, satin, spandex, rayon and jersey knits are all fabrics that move with your body. You can wear any of these fabrics when you want to slide into the VIP booth or cha-cha-cha over to the bar. The goal is to look good and feel great.

Slip into a dress. Dresses are always fabulous. You can wear a cocktail dress, satin sheath or party dress to stand out in a crowded room. Dresses also make it easy to enjoy a pleasant breeze, something you might wish for in a nightclub.

Make your shoes feel like pillows: Add shoe padding to your high heels. A variety of supportive insoles, heel cushions, arch support and cotton fabric moleskins are on the market. Take advantage of these foot support products.

Wear denim. Denim can always be dressed up and is continuously reinvented for the new season. Women can dress up their jeans with a fashionable high heeled shoe. Men can do the same by trading in a pair of sneakers for a dress shoes, and pairing the denim with a stylish button-down shirt.

Go with a small handbag or clutch. It’s not cool when a cute guy asks you to dance and you step on the dance floor toting an oversized handbag. So go with a tiny clutch that matches your shoes.


  • Wear knee length or shorter skirts and dresses.

  • Spruce up simple colors with stunning accessories.