Dressing classy is easy. You only need to keep a handful of basic rules in mind when picking out what you will wear. If you dress classy, you’ll be taken more seriously in the workplace and feel more confident that you are presenting yourself to others in the best possible way.

Wear black. Black is a safe bet when you are trying to achieve a classy style. Whether you’re wearing a suit, dress pants or a cocktail dress, if in doubt, buy it in black.

Don’t wear anything too low-cut. If you are trying to dress classy, don’t buy an outfit that shows a lot of cleavage. To get a classy look, go for an understated style of clothing, rather than something flashy that shows a lot of skin.

Don’t wear your dress or skirt too short. Again, to dress classy you need to lean towards the conservative side. That doesn’t mean your need to wear a floor-length muumu, just be sure that you are going to be comfortable with the amount of skin you show.

Wear simple, understated pieces of jewelry. To look classy in your dress style, don’t wear gobs and gobs of jewelry. Rather, go for a few pieces that complement your outfit but don’t overwhelm the look.