Casual wear is possibly one of the most popular styles of dress in the fashion world today. Dressing casually usually refers to wearing clothes that are comfortable and simple; not too fancy or too dressy. Denim jeans are definitely the most commonly worn piece of casual clothing–equally popular among the fashion-conscious as well as the fashion-clueless.

Things You'll Need

Wear jeans with a tank, t-shirt or halter and strappy sandals. Jeans are the ultimate casual piece that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. Pair jeans with almost any type of top for an effortless casual look. You can wear sandals that are flat or with a little bit of a heel, depending on your taste.

Wear cotton capris with a bright-colored tank or feminine blouse. Capris are basically like long shorts that taper at the knees. They come in all types of fabrics, but cotton gives them a casual look and feel. Since they’re short, they’re usually classified as casual wear and often worn to informal events like picnics or shopping trips. Pair them with a colorful tank to make a simple, yet cute summer outfit.

Wear thick corduroy pants with a cotton sweater and boots. This is a casual style that you can wear in colder weather. Corduroy pants are also considered casual wear like jeans, but they provide extra warmth especially in winter months. If you live in an area where it snows or rains often, it’s best to wear high boots to keep moisture from seeping into your feet. Accessorize with knit gloves and hat in very cold weather.

Wear a colorful cotton dress with a pair of flip-flops. Pairing a dress with flip-flops automatically gives it a casual vibe. Cotton dresses, whether short or long, also invoke a no-nonsense, casual feel. This is the ideal outfit for a beach party, a day at the park or even just for running errands.

Wear opaque tights or leggings with a long sweater dress and flat or heeled boots. Sweater dresses are casual and warm, but still stylish. Tights and leggings will keep your legs warm while allowing you to wear skirts and dresses. Boots are definitely the footwear of choice in colder weather. Toss on a pea coat or long trench coat during extremely windy or wet weather conditions.

Wear an A-line skirt with a simple cotton tank or silk blouse, and wedges or espadrilles. A-line skirts are generally more informal than pencil skirts, which are often worn in a work setting. Of course, material and fabric also play a huge role in making a piece of clothing casual or formal. For example, if you wore a denim A-line skirt, it would be extremely easy to pull off the casual look as opposed to wearing a silk or tweed A-line skirt. Wedges and espadrilles are traditionally informal footwear typically worn to parks and beaches.

Wear a long-sleeved turtleneck with dark jeans and fur-trimmed boots. Dark jeans are usually thicker than regular blue jeans, and better to wear in cold weather when clothes are more likely to become muddy and dirty. Fur-lined boots like Uggs will keep your feet extremely warm in the fall and winter. Accessorize with a thick scarf and belted coat for extra warmth.

Wear denim or khaki shorts with a regular cotton t-shirt and ballet flats or sneakers. This is the ultimate casual outfit for a trip to the mall or similar outing. Flat shoes like slippers or sneakers are generally considered the epitome of casual footwear because they’re extremely comfortable. Though shorts can sometimes look dressy, most of the time they’re relegated to informal activities. For example, you’d never consider wearing shorts to a wedding or other formal gathering.


  • When in doubt, classify casual and formal clothing based on their materials. For example, cotton, denim, and khaki are traditionally used to make comfortable, casual clothing. Silk, satin and tweed are almost always used to make formal gowns and suits.