How to Do Yoga Nidra Meditation

By Jennifer Claerr

Yoga Nidra meditation is a very powerful method of relaxation. The ultimate goal of the relaxation technique is to reach a state in which the mind is very deeply relaxed, yet still conscious. This goal is achieved by slowly scanning the body with the mind.

Perform Asanas

Step 1

Perform some yoga asanas to release tension from the body. These may be restorative poses such as Child and Reclining Bound Angle Pose, or vigorous poses such as Sun Salutations.

Step 2

Lie down in Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose. To achieve this pose, lie on your back and spread your arms and legs outward. Rotate your limbs and torso until you feel that your body is relaxed and in symmetry.

Step 3

Keep the mind calm, and do not move your body. Focus your mind on the tips of your toes and then slowly move your awareness to each individual toe. Focus your mind on the soles of your feet, then on the tops of the feet and ankles. Become conscious of any physical feelings you experience as your mind moves from one part of your foot to another.

Step 4

Move your awareness upward to your lower legs. Focus intensely on your lower legs, becoming aware of any sensations that you feel there. Become aware of the muscles and bones in your lower legs. Continue to move your mind upward to the knees, then to the thighs. Use your mind to relax the muscles in your thighs.

Step 5

Focus your awareness on the pelvic region. Feel how your body is pressing down into the floor in this area. Move your awareness around the pelvic bones and the lower abdomen. Then become aware of the entire abdominal area. Soften and relax your abdomen. Move your consciousness around from the pelvic bones up toward the bottom of the rib cage.

Step 6

Move your awareness to the lower back. Become aware of any sensations which you feel there. Then move your consciousness upward again to the middle back, and then to the upper back. Bring your awareness up to the shoulders.

Step 7

Move your mind slowly downward along your upper arms, to your elbows and then to your lower arms. Relax your arms. Become aware of the wrists, then the palms and the backs of the hands. Move your awareness to your fingers, then to the tips of the fingers. Focus on each individual finger separately in your mind. When you're done, move your awareness back up your arms to your shoulders.

Step 8

Become aware of your neck and throat. Move your awareness upward to the jaw, the mouth, the cheeks, the eyes, the temples, the forehead, and then up to the top of the head. Allow your consciousness to remain at the crown of the head for several seconds.

Step 9

Repeat this meditation in reverse, guiding your awareness slowly back down your body to the tips of the toes. Scan the body up and down in this manner multiple times if you like.