Models are considered glamorous and exotic. Runway models perform in fashion shows and model clothing for designers. Fashion is an artistic field, and runway models vary considerably in appearance and how their hair and makeup are done for the shows. As the lights on stage can wash out runway makeup and because many designers want to make a statement with hair and makeup, runway makeup tends to be edgy or colorful.

Things You'll Need

Apply three different colors of eyeshadow to the eye using an eye shadow brush. Start with a basic light eyeshadow in a beige color and brush it from your lash line to your brows. Apply a shimmery chartreuse green on the eyelids only. Using an angled eye shadow brush, apply a dark, hunter green in the crease. Blend the two green colors together well.

Line the eyes with a black liquid or pencil eyeliner. It should be on the top, next to the lash line and wing out a bit. If your eyes are small, do not apply it to the lower lash line. If not, feel free to apply it there. Over it, use a small eyeliner brush to apply a thin line of charcoal gray eyeshadow over it for a dramatic look.

Apply two to three coats of black mascara to upper lashes only. While you do want a dramatic look, don’t apply too much mascara as it can look a bit clumpy. Go for glossy, long and lush eyelashes.

Use liquid highlighter to make your skin look luminous. Apply a bit on your fingers and apply it the top of your cheekbones and brow bones. A powder highlighter works as well.

Apply a red-toned lipstick to your lips. Choose a bold, true red if you have a pale complexion. Try a brick red if you have darker skin. After applying it, blot lips with a tissue, so it appears as a lip stain rather than actual lipstick.


  • If your lashes are sparse, consider adding false eyelashes.