Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair, you can still achieve a hairstyle that looks nice and fashionable. All it takes is a little time, some effort and a few basic hairstyling tools and you’ll be on your way to a nice hairstyle.

Things You'll Need

Consider the length of your hair, how manageable it is and the amount of time you have to style it. Make sure to have products that are designed for your hair type and the style you want to achieve. Shampoo, condition and thoroughly dry hair, either naturally or with a blow dryer before styling.

Smooth frizz or curls with a flat iron whether your hair is long or short. Clip the top section of hair out of way on top of your head. Use a ceramic flat iron to straighten hair by starting at top and working downwards one section at a time. After you are finished, lightly mist hair with styling spray.

Mist your hair with styling spray, divide hair into sections and roll hair onto heated rollers. Let hair set for 10 minutes, remove rollers and lightly brush. Lightly spray hair with hairspray. Use large rollers for loose curls and small rollers for tighter curls.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail or tie it up in a bun with a nice ponytail holder. This style gives you a neat appearance and does not take much time.

Part your hair down the middle, clip the top out of the way on top of your head and mist one bottom section with hair spray. Divide section into three equal strands and braid the section. Spray the braid with hairspray. Put the braid between a flat iron, adding heat. Repeat this step all over your head. Let hair cool then undo the braids one at a time. Tousle hair with fingers and add hair spray.

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