With so many great nail designs to choose from it is hard to stay creative. Monarch butterflies are a beautiful sight to see, so what better way to pay homage to these graceful creatures than to flutter them on your fingertips. Fly away with a beautiful monarch butterfly nail design you create for yourself. You are sure to receive some flattering comments.

Things You'll Need

Paint your fingernails with a base coat nail polish. One coat should do the trick.

Paint your fingernails a solid yellow. Allow for the nail polish to completely dry and then follow up with a second coat for good measure.

Using a nail sponge, dab on orange nail polish about two-thirds the way up the nail, starting from the tips of each of your fingernails.

Using the nail sponge again, dab on red nail polish starting from the tips of each of your fingernails and ending below the orange nail polish.

Design your monarch butterfly wings. To begin, draw a diagonal line across the bottom tip of each of your fingernails using the black nail polish. Fill in the diagonal line with black polish. Then, on the opposite side of each of your fingernails, draw a small half circle.

Using the same black nail polish, create the veins of the monarch butterfly wings by drawing four small lines that reach from the black half circle to the base of the wing, which is the filled-in black diagonal line. Repeat for each of your fingernails.

Add the spots. Using nail polish in white, dot on random spots in the black area at the tips of your nails using a dotting tool.

Let your fingernails dry completely and finish off the look with topcoat nail polish.


  • Adding a coat of sheer shimmer pink nail polish over the yellow, orange and red nail polish can help to blend these colors together.

  • A toothpick, the pointed end of a paintbrush or a ballpoint pen can be used as an alternative to a dotting tool.