“Good Housekeeping” defines a pixie hairstyle as a soft, wispy-layered cut with enough length to allow for face-framing bangs in the front and some coverage at the nape. According to the Huffington Post, celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Halle Berry and Katie Holmes have sported this short, messy look. Learning to make your pixie hair look stylishly messy like these celebrities is both easy and fun.

Things You'll Need

Blow dry your hair without using any hair products.

Put a quarter-sized dollop of mousse or hair gel in your fingertips.

Apply hair gel or mousse to your hair, using your fingertips to style small chunks of hair at a time to create a piecey, wind-swept look. Do not force your hair to “fall into place,” as this will detract from the messy, natural look.

Allow pieces to fall with your natural hair part, hanging over your ears and forehead.

Apply a few bursts of hairspray to settle and keep your desired look.