When it comes to cutting and styling men’s hair, there are specific steps that should be followed in order to ensure they get a haircut that is masculine and fits the shape of the face properly. Men’s haircuts can add or detract from their overall appearance and should be constructed carefully in order to flatter their face. Here are some tips on how to do men’s hair.

Consider the face shape when cutting and styling a man’s hair. According to hair boutique.com if a man has a square shape, he will look good in a style that accentuates the squareness. For instance he should wear a style such as a faux hawk or a messy look. Men with square faces should stay away from round styles that accent the roundness of their skull.

Cut sideburns on men with round, heavier faces because they slim the face by breaking up the roundness of the jaw line. In addition, they should wear hair styles with a more square shape to take away from the overall roundness of the face.

Part the hair to one side on men with long faces to deaccentuate the length of the face. Their sideburns should be at the top or middle of the ear in order to detract from facial length as well. In addition, their hair should be relatively flat on top in order to subtract from the length of the face. Men with oval face shapes can wear almost any style.

Think about hair texture before cutting and styling the hair. A man that has curly hair may need some extra length to allow for some shortening when the hair dries. In addition, they may need a texturizing cream especially for curly hair. Straighter hair might lay flat to the head and may need gel or mousse to style correctly. In addition, hair that is very straight should be left long enough on the top to not stick up due to cowlicks or hair growth patterns. If hair is thick, it may need to be thinned in order to lay correctly whether curly or straight.

Style the hair according to the newest trends as well. Fashionising.com states that there are some new men’s hair trends that are suitable for most men. The fringe is generally longer on the top and short around the edges. The defining characteristic of this hairstyle is that it is texturized and messy looking. It is razor cut on the top and then styled with a texturizing cream. Bangs should be left relatively long and pieced towards the face to create a textured messy look.

Slick the hair back for another trendy style called the slick back. This is left longer on top and finished cleanly on the sides and back. The hair is then slicked back using a pomade or gel. It can go towards the side with or without a part, or straight back off the forehead. Men with large noses or long faces should push the hair to one side to pull the eye away from the center of the face.

Do the classic side part for a stylish retro style according to fashionising.com. This men’s style is parted on the side and combed flat down to the head. Gel, mousse, pomade or texturizing cream can be used to style the hair in this manner. Hair can be cut short or longer on top for this style, depending on hair texture and hair growth pattern. If hair has a tendency to grow forward, the front should be left longer so it is easier to comb to the side.

Take into account a man’s lifestyle, time spent on the hair, face shape and hair texture when doing a man’s hair. If a man spends very little time on his hair, his style should be something that he can complete in five minutes in the morning. For most men the style should be versatile enough to wear on a dressy night out, going to work or out playing sports. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when you do men’s hair.