How to Do Medieval Makeup

By Hope Semper

Dressing up in medieval clothing can make for an elaborate costume, especially if you want to give the appearance of a person of consequence in medieval times. The richer the person, the more elaborate and colorful the clothing. The opposite was true of facial makeup. A pallid complexion was desired above a tan because it meant you were rich enough to stay indoors and did not have to work outside. In fact, some of those who could not afford to stay indoors would bleed themselves to drain the color from their skin. Some women plucked their hairlines to show off a higher brow. The only allowance for color was on the lips. Lips were made to stand out by rubbing lemon juice on them until they burned a ruby red.

Enhance your costume with medieval makeup.

Step 1

Pin any bangs up and away from the face to enhance the height of your forehead.

Step 2

Rub a pale shade of skin foundation makeup into your skin. Cover any skin that will be showing including face, ears, neck, upper chest and arms. You may also rub some foundation into your eyebrows and hairline to exaggerate the pale look of your face.

Step 3

Redden your lips with ruby red lipstick. Use a lipstick with very little shine. Do not exaggerate the contours of your lips.

Step 4

Rub a small circle of red lipstick onto your cheeks. This look is optional and was less likely to be used by the upper classes in medieval times.