Marley braids, also known as the two strand twist, is a popular hairstyle for African American women who wear their hair naturally. This easy style allows for a variety of different dos from day to day. The two strand twist is easy to do on your own natural hair and keeps you looking groomed and neat. Perfect for both short and long hair, the two strand twist only requires about 1 inch of hair to be worn.

Things You'll Need

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Towel dry, squeezing as much water as possible from your hair.

Part your hair horizontally 3/4 inch from the nape of your neck using a rattail comb. Make a 3/4-inch vertical part from the left side of your hair line. You may do this on the right side of your head depending on preference. This results in a square section of your hair separate from the rest.

Hold the rest of your hair, outside of the square section, out of the way using bobby pins, clips or ponytail holders. Spray water mist on the square section of your hair, and apply a little of your favorite pomade to this section. Massage the pomade into the hair particularly the ends of your hair, which are generally the most dry. Use the fine-toothed end of your rattail comb to comb the pomade through.

Divide the square section into two parts on a diagonal part. Twist the two sections together, left over right. Continue to do this until you reach the end of your hair.

Repeat these steps and continue twisting across the nape of the neck. There should be four to five twists per row. Start another row, from the center working outward, and continue toward the top of your head.

Choose which way to part your hair, once you have reached your crown. Continue parting and twisting hair. When your whole head is complete, spray with an herbal moisturizer for a soft sheen.

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