When applied properly, makeup should give the face a luminous glow. A matte, china doll look is unnatural, while a bare approach can be shiny and greasy. Luminosity gives the face the appearance of glowing from the inside. The look is fresh and dewy with a minor, flattering flush. The right products mixed with a bit of technical know-how can give anyone a luminous look in five minutes or less.

Things You'll Need

Choose the right makeup. The key is finding a finish that is pearlescent, not glittery. Blush and highlighter should have the slightest shimmer, not sparkly flecks.

Moisturize with a balmy moisturizer that won’t make the skin greasy, but gives a dewy quality to the face. If the T-zone is already oily, just moisturize the cheeks.

Dampen a makeup sponge and wring it out completely. Apply a sheer layer of foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Dab on concealer under the eyes and over blemishes, blending completely so the look stays dewy.

Apply loose powder only to the T-zone to cover excess shine. The face should not look completely matte.

Apply a bit of cream blush to the apples of the cheeks for a slight flush.

Use the fingertips to make a C-shaped swoop of cream highlighter starting at the tops of the cheekbones at the corner of the eye to just past the ends of the eyebrows. Blend well.

Use just a pin-sized dab of highlighter on the top of the forehead and the cupid’s bow — the indentation over the upper lip — to add even more luminosity.

Keep eye makeup and lip color light and shimmery, so as not to detract from the face’s glow.

Apply a sheer wash of loose powder if the look is too shiny, but let the glow shine through.


  • The color of the highlighter should match the warmth of the skin tone. People with pink-tinted skin should use an ivory or pearl shade, while warm olive tones look best with golden highlighters. The shade should blend so there is no visible color difference on the skin, just a shimmer.