Throughout her years in the limelight, Jennifer Lopez has perfected her signature glow that women all over the world have been trying to replicate. She isn’t afraid to experiment with her makeup, but goes back to a luminous base, sultry smoky eyes and a peachy nude lip whenever she has the chance. With the emphasis placed on the eyes, she never looks overdone – just fresh faced. Try out Lopez’s dewy glow for yourself, whether you’re heading out for a lunch date or getting party ready.

Foundation and Concealer

Lopez’s base is always equal parts dewy and long lasting. Start by massaging lightweight moisturizer formulated for your skin type into your skin. Allow it to sink in for 10 minutes to provide a smooth canvas for makeup. Pour a quarter-sized amount of creamy long-wearing foundation onto the back of your hand. Drop a dime-sized amount of liquid illuminator in the center and mix them together with your fingertips. Use your fingers to work the product into your skin using upwards circular motions for the most natural result. Pat an additional layer of foundation over blemishes and discolorations. Dip a concealer brush into a concealer with orange undertones and dab it under your eyes to brighten and eliminate dark circles. Swirl a large powder brush in a translucent setting powder, and sweep it over your forehead, nose and chin to keep oiliness at bay.

Blush, Highlight and Bronzer

Lopez uses products with warm tones to further illuminate and lift her complexion. Dip a blush brush into a peach-toned blush. Position the brush 2 inches below the center of your eye. Sweep the product towards the top of your ear, blending it into your hairline. Dust a bronzer that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone over your temples, under your jawline and under your cheekbones for a sun-kissed effect. Use a small pointed brush to pat a creamy highlighter with gold undertones directly over the top of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

The Eyes

Whether walking the red carpet or running errands, Lopez opts for a smoky eye. Use a domed shadow brush to pat a champagne-toned shadow over your entire lid and up to the brow bone to highlight. Press a bronze shadow onto the lid up to the crease. Sweep a deep-taupe shade through the crease using a fluffy shadow brush for definition. Use a black liquid liner to line your upper lash line for the illusion of fuller lashes. Sweep the taupe shadow from the edge of your outer lash line to the center of your eye. Finish things off with three coats of volumizing mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

The Lips

Heavy eye makeup is balanced out with a sultry nude lip that can take you from day to night. Outline and fill in your lips with a beige-toned liner to tone down your natural lip color. Pat a creamy peach lipstick into your lips for a nude that still brings life to your face. Swipe a champagne-toned or clear gloss over your lips to add dimension. When wearing less eyeshadow, Lopez has been known to opt for cherry red and pink matte lipstick.