Eyeshadow opens up your eyes and can help them pop. While most women know how to apply one color of eyeshadow for an easy and quick daytime look, layering eyeshadow colors kicks up your presentation a notch for the evening, a special occasion or really anytime when you want to look special. By following a few basic steps, you can learn to layer your eyeshadow.

Things You'll Need

Apply eye primer all over the lid.

Apply the lightest color underneath the brow. For a more finished look, you can cover the entire lid if you wish.

Apply the medium color across your eye crease.

Apply the darkest color on the lid.

Blend the colors carefully with the brush, taking care not to mix them too much.

Smudge a tiny amount of the darkest color underneath your eye, almost as an eyeliner.


  • For this technique, imagine that your eyes are divided into three sections: lid, crease and underneath the brow. Sweep the shadow all the way across the eye, without extending past the ends of your eyebrows for a finished look.

  • Use three monochromatic tones, such as ivory, tan and brown, for a day-to-day look. Experiment with high contrast colors for a more dramatic look. Try lavender with black or green with brown. Many eyeshadow kits come with prepackaged color combinations for ideas.

  • Practice, practice, practice. Layering eyeshadow is an art form and takes time to learn to do properly.

  • Finish your eyes off with eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara. They tend to look naked and lashes tend to look invisible without these extras.