Large box braids with synthetic hair are a creative way to boost your sense of fashion and style. Synthetic hair is ideal for adding immediate length and an alternative texture to your own hair. Additionally, box braids involve sectioning your natural hair into “boxes” before braiding begins. It is ideal for your natural hair to measure at least 3 inches long to lessen the hassle of the connection process involving the synthetic counterpart. Ask an assistant to help you style your own hair to ensure a proper set of braids.

Things You'll Need

Wash and condition you hair with mild shampoo and mild conditioner. Dry your hair with a clean towel. Run a comb through your hair to smooth out any knots. Allow your hair time to fully dry.

Divide your hair into 1-inch-wide boxes. Secure all of the boxes into place with hair clips. Begin at the neck and work your way up to the forehead.

Place three or four bags of 24-inch-long synthetic hair strands nearby. Grab one strand of synthetic hair. Bend the strand in half so it measures 12 inches long.

Wrap the looped end of the 12-inch synthetic strand around one of the 1-inch sections at the base of the head. Remove the hair clip. Divide the natural hair in the same section in half. There are now four strands of hair in your hand — two real and two synthetic. Number the strands one through four, from left to right.

Cross strand one over strand two. Cross strand three over strand four. Cross the two middle strands one over the other. Continue this process to complete a four-strand braid. Secure the end of each braid with a rubber band. Continue this process for every box of hair until all of the boxes are braided.