How to do Korean Hairstyles

By LeafTV Editor

There are two basic Korean hairstyles: long with sideswept bangs and a short pixie cut. Korean stars such as Yoon Eun Hye prefer a textured pixie cut because it's pretty low-maintenance, but still feminine. Other actresses such as Choi Ji-woo prefer longer styles. Bangs are common for both men and women. Korean men typically keep the back of their hair short while the front is accentuated by long, layered bangs.

How To Do Korean Hairstyles
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How To Do Korean Hairstyles


Long Style

Cut long bangs that fall about an inch lower than your eyeline, and sweep them over to the left or right side of your face.

Use the straightening iron to straighten hair if it's curly or wavy. Try to get hair as straight as possible. Korean hair is naturally straight and sleek.

Tease your crown slightly to give hair some body. Straight hair has a tendency to fall flat.

Rub some pomade into bangs and the tips of hair to create a piecey texture. Most Korean hairstyles are texturized in this way to give the style more personality.

Use some hairspray to lock in the style.

Pixie Cut

Get a short pixie cut. Ask the stylist to add a few layers for volume.

Part your hair slightly to the left or right. Sweep your bangs in the direction of your part. For example, if your part is slightly to the right, brush your bangs in that direction.

Separate strands with pomade to get that piecey look, with a few strands positioned about half a centimeter away from each other.

Spray lightly with hairspray to keep the style in place.


  • Take a picture of your favorite Korean hairstyle to the stylist to make sure you get the right cut.