Indie means independent. Although independence implies an element of uniqueness, a number of similarities characterize the style and makeup of an “indie chick.” As seen on celebrities such as Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins, indie makeup is typically natural and lived-in with a slightly smoky eye.

Things You'll Need

Apply primer onto the skin with your fingers using downward strokes for a smoother effect. Indie makeup is very natural and lived in, using skin primer will even out your skin tone and reduce the need for heavy foundation.

Apply the tinted moisturizer to your face in downward strokes. Use a tinted moisturizer in a shade to match your natural skin tone; otherwise, you run the risk of looking too “made-up” and mainstream.

Dab the creme blusher onto the area of your cheeks where you would naturally blush using your fingers.

Rub the kohl pencil between your fingers to warm the tip, which makes the pencil easier to apply. Apply the kohl pencil directly across the top and bottom lash line. Draw the lines in a messy fashion; the make-up is meant to look ‘lived-in’ and messy.

Smudge the eyeliner using a cotton swab. Reapply and smudge the eyeliner until you are happy with the intensity of the effect. Coat your eyelashes with mascara.

Apply a lightly tinted lip balm to your lips. This will add a subtle hint of color to your face.


  • To complete the indie makeup look, put on a pair of geek glasses to frame your eyes.

  • Don’t overdo the hair styling. Keeping hair natural and tousled will complement your lived-in makeup.