To stand out on stage, nothing beats glitz makeup. Glitz makeup is fun to apply, because it is more showy than daytime makeup. You can truly make it your own, by selecting colors and highlights that emphasize your personality. You can select glittery or glossy lips, shimmery or frosty eyes and shiny or glowing skin. The possibilities are endless.

Things You'll Need

Cover your face with a tinted moisturizer or base. Work the moisturizer all the way to your ears, and into your hairline.

Cover each eye with a shimmery base. The base color should be the medium tone in your three-shade eyeshadow compact. Let the base extend from your eyelid, to a quarter inch below your eyebrow.

Brush the darkest shade of eyeshadow onto your eyelid. The dark shade should only be visible when your eyes are closed, at this point.

Brush the lightest shimmery eye shadow across your brow bone, just below your eyebrow. Dab a tiny amount of light shadow on the inner corner of each eye.

Gently blend the three shades of eye shadow together with your fingers. Try not to over-blend. If you do accidentally over blend, reapply the lightest and darkest shades. Wash your hands, when you have finished.

Highlight your natural eyebrows using the brow liner. Use light, gentle strokes. Start at the inner corners of your eyebrows — and work your way out — just beyond the end of your eye. Do not extend the inner eyebrows past the inner corners of your eyes.

Apply liquid eyeliner to your top eyelids. To create the illusion of larger eyes, extend the eyeliner just past the outer corners of your eyelid. Apply the false eyelashes — starting at the inner corner of your eye — and working your way out. If you find that the false lashes are too long, cut off the excess with scissors.

Blend your natural eyelashes together with the false eyelashes, with mascara. Wipe away any loose powder or eyeliner that may have accidentally fallen beneath your eyes.

Line your bottom eyelids with liquid eyeliner.

Apply your lipstick. To keep the wet and shimmery look, apply a layer of clear or tinted gloss over the lipstick.

Find your cheekbones and apply blush. To find your cheekbones — pucker your lips, like you are going to kiss somebody — and drop your jaw. Apply the blush from the front of your cheekbone — back to your ears.