You may have seen advertisements during the 1990s for a simple plastic loop called the Topsy Tail. If you don’t own the gadget, you can just follow a few simple steps and get the same hairstyle that the Topsy Tail provides.

Things You'll Need

Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure the hair tie is secure but somewhat loose. Then pull the hair tie down a little; don’t undo the ponytail, just give it some slack at the top.

In one hand, hold the ponytail. Slide the index finger and thumb of your other hand along the underside of your hair (the loose part, right above the hair tie and ponytail) to make an opening.

Lift your ponytail up and grab it with your index finger and thumb. Pull the ponytail and your fingers straight down, back through the opening. Make sure you pull the ponytail completely through.

Re-tighten the hair tie to secure your topsy tail.