Ponytails are a quintessential classic hairstyle. The best part is that there are multiple variations of ponytails to try. From a casual and trendy high ponytail to a low sleek ponytail, the only requirement is hair long enough to pull-up. To diversify your hair style, try curling your hair to create a bouncy look. Learn how to do a single ringlet ponytail for a new daily hairstyle.

Things You'll Need

Brush your hair smooth with a paddle brush. The hair should be completely dry. Run a pea-sized amount of styling cream throughout the hair, focusing on the ends.

Brush the hair back and sweep up into a ponytail at the crown of the head. Secure it with a rubber band.

Create three large curls in the ponytail. Take one section of hair and clamp a curling iron down on the very end. Roll it up and hold into place for five to seven seconds. Unclamp the curling iron carefully. Continue this for the other two sections of the ponytail. Let them cool.

Merge the curls together into one large curl. Use your fingers to lay one curl on top of the other and mold into a large curl. Once in place, spray with hairspray.