If you want to change the way you style your hair, try creating a side French braid. Not only does a side braid add a whimsical touch to your hairstyle, but it also aids in keeping your hair off your face. It can be elegant and modern, or fun and retro depending on how you wear it. You can create a side braid in your own hair by following a few simple steps.

Things You'll Need

Make a part in the front of your hair with a small toothed-comb. The size of the part depends on how long you want the braid to be. It can be a small slanted area towards the forehead, or a more sizable separation starting at the center of the crown and slanting horizontally towards your ear. Secure the rest of your hair with a clip or ponytail holder to keep it from moving into the section you need to braid.

Apply a small amount of holding product to the parted section of hair. Use a light gel or pomade. This will keep hairs in place and keep your French braid looking neat. Brush back the edges of hair near your face so that the product prevents them from sticking out.

Divide the hair you want to braid into three sections. Try to separate even amounts of hair into each section. This will keep your braid from appearing lumpy or uneven.

Grab all three sections of hair using both of your hands. Pull the piece of hair closest to your forehead over the middle piece of hair. Take the remaining piece and twist it over the other two pieces. Take the piece closest to your forehead again and twist it on top of the others. As you grab the middle section, also add some of the loose hair to it and twist it over the other sections. Continue crisscrossing each section over the other while continuously adding a small amount of loose hair into each. Keep the amount of hair you add each time the same so that your braid looks polished and uniform.

Continue until you use all of the hair you sectioned off and reach the end of the braid. Depending on your hair texture, you may need to secure the ends with a ponytail holder or a bobby pin. Use a transparent or clear holder to make the look more elegant.