If you don’t have the money for a professional pedicure, don’t feel bad. It’s actually quite simple to do a proper salon pedicure at home. You only need a few things to make your feet look and feel amazing. Don’t forget to add special touches to create a spa-like atmosphere. Turn on some relaxing music and light a scented candle as you pamper your feet during this luxuriating pedicure.

Things You'll Need

Prepare for the foot soak. Fill a large bucket or bowl with equal parts of warm water and milk. The lactic acid in the milk helps soften the rough spots on the foot. Remove any nail polish on your toenails. Use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone, which can dry out nails.

Soak your feet in the bowl for ten minutes. You can add two or three drops of an essential oil, such as lavender, to enhance the experience and give a pleasant fragrance to the foot soak.

Dry your feet. Place a drop of cuticle oil onto each toenail and push the skin back with an orangewood stick. Clip your nails straight across with a nail clipper. File the toenails in one direction with an emery board.

Dump the dirty water. Fill the bowl again with warm water. Wet your feet in the warm water. Apply a foot scrub on them. Scrub them, following the directions on the package. Rinse your feet in the water. Rub your heels and calluses in a gentle back-and-forth motion with a moistened pumice stone.

Rinse your feet under clean running water and dry them. Place a foot mask or moisturizer on the feet. You can use any type of moisturizer or foot mask. Use a foot mask containing peppermint or ginger if your feet are sore.

Prepare your toenails for the nail polish. Wipe each toenail with nail polish remover — your nails need to be free of moisturizer in order for the nail polish to properly adhere. Put a pair of foam toe separators on each foot. Alternatively, roll up a paper towel and place it between each toe or place cotton swabs between each toe. You want space between the toes so that you can polish the nails without the polish getting on your feet.

Polish your toenails. Apply the polish using thin strokes. Allow the nails to dry for two minutes. Apply another coat of polish. Allow the nails to dry for another two minutes. Finish with a topcoat.