Although no polish or manicure can ever really be permanent, you can achieve a lasting French manicure by learning the best tips and tricks. Discover how to permanently whiten and strengthen the quality and coloring of your nails and nail tips, as well as enhance your natural nails to get enduring French manicure appearance.

Things You'll Need

Take vitamins to improve nail strength and color, including a pinkish tint to your nail beds and white tint to your tips. Purchase any variety of multivitamin containing ingredients like Vitamin A, B2, or C to assist in nail health and growth. Find supplements that contain biotin or calcium to make your nails strong, and iodine to improve their overall condition. Check to see if your vitamins contain magnesium and iron, which enhance the effects of the other vitamins.

Avoid habits that can discolor and weaken the nails, minimizing the coloring and longevity of your manicure. Do not smoke or eat greasy, processed foods, and as often as possible avoid caffeine, alcohol and oral contraceptives.

Begin eating better to ensure that your nails will be permanently healthier, leading to a lasting natural French coloring. Incorporate nuts and other seeds into your diet, and eat more leafy greens and fresh fruits. Have chicken and fish as a regular part of your diet, as well as eggs.

Visit your local beauty supply store or aisle and pick up a few essential manicure tools. Buy a white polish, as well as a natural pink and clear base coat with vitamins or strengthening effects. Use these polishes to paint your nails in the French manicure style and enhance the natural coloring. Purchase a nail whitening pencil to whiten underneath the tips of your bare nails for a French manicure effect without polish.

Visit the salon and have a professional airbrush your nails in the French manicure style; air brushing tends to last longer than normal polish. A less optimal alternative is to have acrylic nails put on with white tips or air brushed French tips. Acrylic nails allow for the longest, but unhealthiest, French manicure and will require monthly appointments to maintain.

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