Dress your hair up into an elegant style with the low curly bun. This romantic, yet classic, style works well on women with long hair that is naturally straight or wavy. The low bun, also called a chignon, is often spotted on celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Lauren Conrad and Beyonce, as they walk the red carpet. Creating the style for yourself is simple; however, it will look like you spent hours trying to perfect the look.

Things You'll Need

Wash and condition your hair with products tailored to your hair type. Towel dry your hair by blotting or squeezing the moisture out instead of rubbing your tresses. Comb through your locks with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer set to medium heat. As you dry, use a paddle brush to pull through your hair and straighten. Set the paddle brush down and pull your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck with your hands. The style should be secure, yet slightly loose.

Heat a 1-inch round curling iron on the hottest setting. Gather a section of your ponytail hair that is no wider than the length of the curling iron. Open the clamp of the curling iron and wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron and twist the iron up to the base of the ponytail. Hold the hair for five seconds and open the clamp of the curling iron. Let the hair slide out instead of unwinding the curling iron. Repeat the process of curling throughout the ponytail hair.

Brush through the tail once or twice with the paddle brush. The brush will keep the curl intact but also break the curls up to create a wavy style. Spray the tail with a medium-hold hairspray.

Gather the tail of curls in one hand and twist the entire tail three times. Coil the hair down, around the base of the ponytail holder. Secure the twisted hair to the base of the ponytail using another ponytail holder. Wrap the second ponytail holder around the twisted hair, making sure to include the end and tighten to the original ponytail base. The result should be a loose bun.

Pull out a few random curls, or shake your head to loosen a few strands naturally. Secure any loose or odd pieces of hair with bobby pins. Arrange the curly bun to your preference.


  • Loosen hair around your face to create a face-framing hairstyle. The low, curly bun is a romantic style so curl the front hairs or let them float around your face.

  • Insert hair accessories such as headbands or rhinestone clips.