A French twist hairstyle can create a simple and dramatic look that complements many different occasions and outfits. Pulling your hair back into an easy French twist can be a stylish and fast way to put your hair up. Even if you have only a single elastic band, you can do a French twist without bobby pins and only using a ponytail holder. The French twist you create will stay securely where you put it.

Things You'll Need

Comb or brush your hair to detangle.

Pull your hair back tightly as if you are going to put it into a ponytail at the center back of your head.

Twist your hair around while holding it in a ponytail. As you twist, fold over the top of your ponytail and twist the folded hair in to create the French twist.

Twist and tuck your hair until you have a tight French twist at the back of your head. This would be the point where you would ordinarily insert bobby pins or a comb or clip the French twist.

Hold the French twist with one hand and loop the ponytail holder over the top of the twist. Twist the ponytail holder once and loop it again over the French twist, this time from the bottom.

Grasp the elastic of the ponytail holder and adjust the criss-crossing of the bands over the twist. The band will hold the French twist in place.

Spray the French twist lightly with hairspray to hold it firmly.


  • Use a ponytail holder that matches your hair color perfectly or choose a bright color that will contrast against your hair.