Our bodies are exposed to many forms of toxins in our everyday life. These toxins are in the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat. They are absorbed through our skin, nose and mouth. Many of these toxins are unavoidable and can make us feel tired and run down. Performing cellular detoxification is a way to rid your body of these toxins. Cellular detox can make a person feel healthier and happier. It could eliminate unknown headaches, depression, allergies and anxiety.

Drink plenty of fresh, cool water. Keeping hydrated will help to flush out toxins from your cells, tissues and organs. Keep your daily intake of water between eight and twelve glasses a day. You can also drink 100 percent fruit juices to help flush out the body.

Change your diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, apples and bananas to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform necessary functions. Keep your intake of greasy and fried foods to a minimum. When looking for a snack, grab non-buttered popcorn or low-fat crackers instead of a candy bar.

Add fiber to your diet. Fiber helps your body move waste through your intestines and out of your body. Eat foods that are rich in fiber or take a daily fiber supplement. You can start your day off with a bowl of high fiber cereal such as whole grain raisin bran or frosted shredded wheat. Most fiber is found in the skin of fruits and vegetables so instead of peeling, leave the skin on pears, apples, peaches and potatoes. Switch to whole wheat bread instead of white for an added boost of fiber.

Fasting. When your body is not consuming food, it uses the energy typically for digestion to clean itself more thoroughly. Fasting will accelerate the detox process. Fast for no more then three days in a row. Never beginning any fasting process without first consulting your physician.

Exercise. When you exercise you sweat, which is your body's way of naturally performing cellular detox to remove toxins. If exercise is not an option for you, try a sauna to work up a sweat.