Candida, or “candida albicans,” is a form of yeast. It’s natural to have a small amount of Candida in your body, especially in your digestive system- your mouth, throat, and colon. Bacteria in your body normally keep the Candida in check and keep the Candida population low.

The problem comes when you have too much Candida. Candida feed on sugar, so if you eat a lot of sugar, the Candida may grow out of control. Also, if you destroy the natural bacteria that usually fight Candida by allowing your blood to become too acidic, Candida will thrive. In that case, you’ll need a Candida cleanse, here’s how to do it.

The simplest and most common type of Candida cleanse is simply a change in diet. As mentioned, Candida thrives on sugars, so eliminate that from your diet and replace it with foods that aren’t as appealing to Candida- especially vegetables, vegetable juice, wheat grass juice, and fish.

Sweat the candida out. Sweating can literally wash some of the Candida out of your body. Try exercise and saunas to induce sweating.

Harness the power of herbs to do a candida cleanse. There are Candida cleanse herbs and natural remedies that are very good at killing off Candida. Any highly alkaline food like greens and blue-green algae will work. But some other good ones are coconut leaf, oregano oil, and olive leaf. If you are looking for a quick fix, try colloidal silver- it kills yeasts very quickly.