Many women have experienced a “beach wave” during the summer: loose, flowing hair, typically created by a combination of sunshine and being in the water all day. The beach wave calls up memories of a relaxing vacation and brings a note of warmth to your look all year long. Creating a beach wave during cooler months isn’t quite as simple as letting nature do all the work, but with some styling tips you can recreate the look at home.

Things You'll Need

Styling for a Beach-Inspired Look

Divide your hair into manageable sections. According to Haircut Hairstyles, it’s best to deal with your hair while damp after a shower. Part the hair down the middle and gather it into two pigtails, which you can then secure with hair elastics. Apply hairspray of your choice (many companies make hairspray designed specifically for beach styles). After applying the hairspray, divide each pigtail into two strands and coil them together, like a simple braid.

Pin the hair and allow it to set overnight. Once you have two simple pigtails, according to Haircut Hairstyles, you can pin them securely on the top of your head (like a milkmaid braid). After this, you can allow your hair to stay pinned overnight. While you sleep, your hair will dry naturally. The hairspray will help keep your hair in the desired shapes. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait overnight, you can use a blow-dryer on your pinned pigtails.

Unpin and style the hair with a tousled, natural look. Once the pigtails are dry, take off the pins and hair elastics. Bend your head and let your hair fall loose. This will allow the waves to settle naturally and develop body and volume. If you’d like the beach wave to last longer or if you have fine hair and would like more volume and texture, you can add a second styling product.


  • It’s best to keep hair well-conditioned and clean to get the strongest results.

  • This process should work on most lengths of hair, with some modification depending on the length.