The 1960s was an era of big hairstyles that often took hours of work to complete. The finished product was an impressive bouffant creation that lasted for hours. The peak of the bouffant hairdo was the middle of the decade and popularized by America’s stylish first lady Jackie Kennedy. But it was also seen on popular TV shows such as “Gilligan’s Island,” “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Bewitched.” Creating a ’60s hairstyle will still take a long time, but it will be worth it.

Things You'll Need

Curl wet hair into rollers. You can do this just out of the shower, or just spray it with water if you don’t have the time for a shower. The curlers on the bottom row along the neckline should be set vertical, as well as the row above the ear. The hair on top of the head should be rolled into horizontal rows with the curlers’ open ends pointing toward the face.

Keep the curlers in the hair overnight or use the hair dryer to dry the hair.

Remove the curlers and pin the curls in the desired fashion. For big piles of curls, for instance, form the curls into increasingly larger circles and hold them in place with a pin. Simple curls on the side don’t require pins; just brush the curls toward the nape and ears.