The 1980s was a decade of changing makeup trends and styles. The natural makeup trends of the 1970s ended and women took pride in wearing bright and vibrant colors while using a heavy hand in makeup application. In order to create this ’80s look, you will need basic makeup tools and a few special eye shadows and lip glosses.

Things You'll Need

Apply foundation. Dot the liquid foundation onto your face. Dampen the makeup sponge in water and carefully use the damp sponge to spread the makeup onto your face. If necessary, dampen the makeup sponge again and repeat the process until desired coverage is achieved.

Create the eyes. Pastels and bright colors were popular in the ’80s. Choose either a blue, green, purple or pink eyes shadow for the base. You will need a darker color for the crease of your eyes. Apply the base eye shadow as a wash on your lid and use an angled brush to fill in the crease of your eye and blend the two colors together with a blending brush.

Finish up the eyes. Using dark brown, gray or navy blue eyeliner, line your eyes. Line the top and bottom of your eyelids. Once the eyeliner is complete, use mascara to give your lashes emphasis. Allow the first coat to dry and apply a second coat.

Set the foundation. Use face powder and a powder brush to set the foundation. Apply the powder lightly. After all, you can always go back and apply more if necessary but removing excess is always much more difficult.

Apply blush. Once your foundation is set, it’s time to create cheeks. Use a blush brush to apply a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Repeat this step until the desired ’80s look is achieved. If you get harsh lines, use your face powder to blend them away.

Apply lipstick and lip gloss. Corals and pinks were very popular in the ’80s. Choose a shade that flatters your complexion and apply it to your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue and reapply the lipstick. Blot again. Apply an accenting lip gloss onto your lips.


  • Allow the moisturizer to absorb into your skin 10 minutes before you apply any foundation.