The 1940s combined feminine, full skirts with softly curled hair. As WWII forced Americans to ration, most products were in short supply and women made do with what they had to achieve a simple but glamorous look. Swing dancing was just taking off and swing hairstyles took center stage.

Things You'll Need

Create medium-sized ringlets using a curling iron. or create long, spiral, rolling curls by wrapping every strand of hair around the iron. Use 2-inch sections of hair to curl. Once you have done all of the hair, mist with hairspray and gently comb through the curls with your fingers.

Put your hair into victory rolls. This is a 1940s pinup hairstyle. Style the hair so that it is down and wavy. Roll the top of the hair into one large curl using a curling iron. After curling the hair, wrap the large curl over the hand and pin into place with bobby pins.

Add a small dollop of mousse to hair. Scrunch with your hands and blow dry the hair on low to make it wavy. Use a medium-barrel curling iron to create loose waves throughout your hair. Sweep up one side of the hair and pin into place with a flip with a large, blue fake flower on it.


Apply black liquid eyeliner to the top lid only. Winged, black eyeliner, paired with virtually no or neutral eyeshadow is a classic 1940s make up look. Start drawing it at the inner corner of your eyelid with an ultra thin line and increase it as you go outwards. When you get to the end of the eyelid, wing it up and out slightly.

Sweep three coats of black mascara on eyelashes. Don’t wait for it to dry between coats. Start at the lash line and brush it on the top side of the lashes. Do the same with the underside of the lashes.

Powder the face with translucent face powder. The goal is to make the skin look creamy and flawless. If you have blemishes or marks to cover, use concealer to do so. Dust the powder on with a powder puff.

Line your lips with red lip liner. Start with the cupid’s bow on the top lip and line one side of the lip. Do the same on the other side. Line the bottom lip and fill in with lip liner.

Apply red lipstick. Start on one side of the top lip and work your way outward. Follow up by putting it on the bottom lip.


  • Apply false eyelashes to the eyes for a dramatic look.