Just like with a painting, you need a smooth canvas on which to apply your lip products. Flaky lips can cause products the application of products to be uneven and to appear streaky. The solution to this is to exfoliate your lips. You do not need purchase an expensive lip scrub from the store in order to smooth your lips. A lip scrub can be created from products found in your own home. Using your homemade lip scrub will leave you with smooth luscious looking lips.

Things You'll Need

Pour the coarse sugar into your small portable container. Do not substitute salt for the sugar, as it will draw moisture from your lips while sugar will just exfoliate without withdrawing any water.

Pour the honey into the container. The stickiness of the honey will help bind the sugar together without dissolving it. It also gives a floral scent and sweet taste.

Add a nickel sized amount of the petroleum jelly to the mixture. Mix it all together until it becomes obtains a consistent consistency. The petroleum jelly binds all the ingredients together and will also moisturize your lips. If you find the scrub to be too runny add a bit more petroleum jelly.

Put the exfoliation treatment on as if you were applying a lip balm, with your finger. You will feel the sugar removing the dead skin. Wipe the scrub off with a tissue or rinse it off. Your lips should be smooth. After the treatment, apply a lip balm to keep lips supple and moisturized.


  • If you find some excess dead skin on your lips after the scrub, take a damp washcloth or soft toothbrush and gently remove the remainder of the dead skin cells.

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